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  • Me - Creator
  • merkaba5 - Russian Translator
  • 3040wilson2 - Spanish Translator
  • Ylcool - French Translator
  • medsal15 - French Translator
  • Tree_Bek - Programming Assistance
  • Dr_Mr_Boss - Additional Textures
  • Dogman1123 - Guardian Armor Textures
  • Wolfenbrad - Emerald Item Textures
  • Siaba_m - Ender Item Textures
  • Minecraft Forge Community - For helping a bunch
  • Minecraft Forge - Making it possible

Installation - Windows

These instructions work with both client and server:

  1. Download the latest version of the forge installer
  2. Run the installer and select client/server
  3. Start Minecraft using the Forge profile
  4. Exit the game
  5. Download VanillaPlus above and place in the mods folder located in your .minecraft folder
  6. Re-launch Minecraft with the forge profile and have fun!


VanillaPlus v1.5.1:
*Change - Raised Sapphire ore spawn rate
*Change - Lowered Enchanted Ore spawn rate
*Fixed - Ender Gems couldn't be smelted

VanillaPlus v1.5.0:
[Update] Updated to 1.8
[Update] French lang file (Thanks to Ylcool)
[Addition] A single ruby/sapphire/hellstone block can now be turned back into its source material
[Addition] The config can now be changed In-Game through the Forge Mods button on the Main Menu
[Change] Enchanted Ore now has a higher light level
[Change] Reinforced Obsidian now has a lower hardness level
[Change] Balanced various food items' stats
[Change] Balanced Rapid Bow stats
[Change] Increased Air Sword air damage 
[Change] Special armor does not show particles anymore
[Change] Scuba armor now only activates if the player is in water
[Change] Magma ore can now be mined with an Iron Pickaxe
[Change] Head fragments will now drop less
[Change] Balanced various tool/armor sets
[Fixed] Rapid Bow 3rd-person animation now works
[Fixed] Hellfire Ore now drops XP
[Fixed] Guardian Ingot recipe was specific to the middle
[Removed] Exp-Translator, Empty Vial, and Exp Vial
[Removed] Rapid Bow information
[Removed] Wooden Door variations
[Removed] Various config options
[Misc] Cleaned up code
[Misc] Cleaned up textures

VanillaPlus v1.4.4:
*Updated Scuba Armor Item Textures
*Updated Sapphire Texture
*Updated Bloated Ink Sac Texture
*Changed Head Fragments to drop from their corresponding mobs instead of grass
*Fixed mod info in the mods tab
*Fixed Skeleton Head recipe with Skeleton Head Fragment

VanillaPlus v1.4.3:
*Added BeeHorseSword spawn options in config
*Added Russian Translation(Please not that it may not be 100% accurate)
*Fixed BeeHorseSword high spawn rate in dungeons

VanillaPlus v1.4.2:
*Added Spanish Translation(Please note that it may not be 100% accurate)
*Added French Translation(Please note that it may not be 100% accurate)
*Changed creative tabs to only Blocks and Items
*Removed test language file

VanillaPlus v1.4.1:
*Added anvil repairs to Obsidian, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire armor sets using their corresponding materials
*Added anvil repairs to Obsidian, Emerald, Ender, Purified, Ruby, Sapphire, and Gravel tool sets using their corresponding materials
*Added configurations to disable just about everything (Look in the config for options)
*Changed Magma Ore to require a harvest level of 3(Diamond and better)
*Changed Ender Tools to have a harvest level of 4(Can mine Hellfire Ore)
*Fixed config saying 'Sapphire Recipes' when it should've said 'Emerald Recipes'
*Fixed Toasted Slime Sandwich recipe
*Cleaned up code

VanillaPlus v1.4.0:
*Updated to 1.7.10/1.7.2
*Added Acacia Door
*Added Dark Oak Door
*Changed various names/text
*Changed various textures
*Changed mod logo
*Cleaned up code

VanillaPlus v1.3.6:
*Various Bug fixes

VanillaPlus v1.3.5:
*Nerfed Toasted Slime Sandwich to only 8.5 hunger
*Added Cooked-Flesh Config

VanillaPlus v1.3.4:
*Changed Magma and HellFire Ores to catch fire like Netherrack  (Never goes out)
*Added Exp-Translator Table (Along with Empty Vial and Exp Vial)
*Added VanillaPlus Achievements
*Increased Chance of getting XP from smelting
*Fixed Middle Clicking on Decor Blocks
*Fixed Game Crash when breaking Decor Blocks
*Removed WIP on RapidBow
*Decreased Spawn Rate for Ruby and Saphhire Ore
*Decreased Spawn Rate for Bee-Horse Sword

VanillaPlus v1.3.3: 
*Fixed BeeHorse Sword teleporting you to the End   
*Fixed RapidBow not being in the correct creative tab   
*Fixed RapidBow's missing description
*Fixed Rapid Bow durability
*Removed Secret Eggs

VanillaPlus v1.3.2:
*Updated to MC 1.6.4
*Fixed Rapid Bow doesn't render as a bow(Sorta)
*Fixed Ender Crystal Ore getting destroyed by Ender Dragon
*Fixed When the Bee-Horse Sword is used, it spawns a ghost stone sword as well
*Fixed Rapid Bow animation not working and sped it up
*Added Config to disable Mob Fragments

VanillaPlus v1.3.1:
*Updated to MC 1.6.2
*Added Configurations to disable Diamond Rods, Different Doors, and Common Tool Sets Recipes

VanillaPlus v1.3.0:
*Added Chiseled Ruby Block
*Added Chiseled Sapphire Block
*Added Chiseled HellStone Block
*Decreased Ruby and Sapphire Sword Damage
*Increased Air Sword's Damage
*Added Birch, Spruce, and Jungle Doors
*Added Bee-Horse Sword
*Added Toasted Slime Sandwich
*Tweaked the Rapid Bow
*Added a Descriptions to all Weapons
*Added Recipe for Rapid Bow
*Added Diamond Rod
*Added Ruby Block
*Added Sapphire Block
*Added HellStone Block

VanillaPlus v1.2.2: 
*Added Toast (Fills 4 Hunger)
*Added Armor Durability Info to Armor Descriptions
*Magma Sword now works as a Flint & Steel if Right-Clicked
*Fixed Rapid Bow not being in the right Menu
*Guardian Armor is Invincible against everything

VanillaPlus v1.2.1:
*Added Rapid Bow(Alot faster than a normal bow) *Still a Work in Progress*
*Fixed Sapphire and Ruby not being able to be mined with an Iron Pickaxe
*Changed SkeletonHead Fragment to SkeletonSkull Fragment
*Increased Spawn rate for Ruby and Sapphire

VanillaPlus 1.2.0: 
*Added Ender Crystal Ore
*Added Ender Crystals
*Added Different Creative Tabs Categories
*Added Ender Set
*Added Ruby Set
*Added Sapphire Set
*Added Purified Set
*Added Scuba Gear
*Added Bloated Ink Sac
*Added Air Tank*Added Scorching Armor
*Added Guardian Teir I Armor
*Added Guardian Ingots
*Added Purified Gold
*Changed Magma Ore now spawn in the Nether
*Changed Golden Feather Texture
*Changed Magma Ore Texture
*Changed Obsidian Armor Recipes
*Changed Reinforced Obisidian Recipe
*Changed Airborne Sword height
*Fixed Gravel Tools being too overpowered
*Fixed Any item can be used as fuel
*Removed "WIP" eggs from Creative Menus

VanillaPlus v1.1.2:
*Added Ink Sword
*Added AirBorne Sword
*Added Dead Shrub to Sticks Recipe
*Added Slime Jelly and Slime Sandwich
*Added Item Descriptions to Cooked and Seasoned Flesh
*Added Golden Feather
*Added Enchanted Gem*Added Color to Descriptions (Thanks to IrunoHatake!)
*Changed Magma Chunk Texture
*Changed Magma Sword Recipe
*Increased Magma Ore Vein Size by a little more
*Fixed ZombieHead Recipe not working
*Fixed Magma Sword not working on Servers
*Enchanted Ore now Illuminates light

VanillaPlus v1.1.1:
*Nerfed Magma Sword by a little
*Added Zombie Head
*Added Creeper Head
*Increased Magma Ore Spawn-Rate by a little more
*Added Item Description to Magma Sword

VanillaPlus v1.1.0:
*Added Gravel Set
*Added Flint Compound
*Added Compacted Gravel
*Added Skeleton Head Fragment
*Added Mod Description in under the "Mods" Button
*Removed Golden Egg from Creative Menus
*Fixed Forge saying Version 0.0.2

VanillaPlus v1.0.0:
*First Release
*Added Obsidian Set
*Added Emerald Set
*Added Cooked Flesh
*Added Seasoned Flesh
*Added Enchanted Ore/Powder
*Added Magma Ore/Chunk/Sword